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 Mutant Fighting Club Walkthrough:

Mutant Fighting Club is a fun, challenging and free online game. The game starts at a laboratory where you can mutate your fighting dog to ensure that he will defeat his opponents and win the world cup. At the laboratory you can choose at least 3 genes that will be used to mutate your fighting dog. It is up to you what combination you would like, you can choose to improve your strength, healing powers or defence. It is also very easy to mutate, just drag the DNA genes on the right side, put it on the boxes in the middle, hit mutate and you will be ready to fight. Since this is a world cup, you have to battle it out in all continents fighting at least three times before heading to another continent. The map tells you where your next fight is and you simply have to click the play button to start the battle.

At the start of the battle, you will see your life on the upper left side of the screen and your opponent's life on the upper right side. You don't battle it out at the same time, it will be your turn first then your opponent's. At the bottom left part of the screen you will see three genes that you can use. Just click the gene and depending on what appears there you can attack, defend or heal yourself. Every time you attack you will see the damage on your opponent's life bar. When you had a big attack, your opponent may be stunned and will lose his move. You can take advantage by attacking again to easily defeat your opponent. Every time you win, you unlock a gene that you may use the next battle. At the same time, as the game progresses you will be allowed to use more genes for mutation, remember at the start of the game you only have 3 genes to use for mutation.

Aside from the exciting and challenging battles, Mutant Fighting Club is a very fun and addicting game because it requires strategy. You have to think of the best genes to use to mutate your fighting dog to win battles.

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