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 Fighting Team Walkthrough:

The name says it all, Fighting Team is an action packed fighting game that can be played by either single or two players. Although there is a help option to know the commands, the guide is actually written in Japanese. Once you hit start, you will be able to choose to play a single or double game. Immediately, you will see that there are eight levels to be unlocked. To do so, you will have to defeat the bad guys as well as a powerful boss to proceed to the next level. What's nice about Fighting Team is each level changes its environment as if you are fighting at different places.

The lives available will be seen on the upper right side which starts at three. You will also see a life bar which represents how long your life will last. Every hit will be a deduction to that figure and once consumed you will have to use your next life. The good thing about Fighting Team is through time that life bar adds up which makes you live longer despite numerous hits. Another important thing to take note of is the can beside your life bar. When this is lighted you can throw a fireball which will definitely kill the enemies faster. Scores can be seen near the life bar too.

To move to the left enter A, to the right enter D, to go up enter W and to go down enter S. Now to fight your enemies, hit J to punch, uppercut and even roll to them for heavy damage. Every time the can is lighted, you can hold J to throw a fireball. Pressing L will allow you to jump while pressing K will allow you to kick your enemies. You can press K and L so you can do a flying kick. The enemies come in pairs, every time you hit them you will see their life bars. Before the end of the level, you will need to fight several guys together with their boss who has a weapon and a longer life bar. Truly, Fighting Team is not only fun but also an exciting and challenging game.

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