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Internet gaming has become a rage in today’s Age. With the internet getting better, cheaper and faster, more and more people are using it. Today the internet has become a very important tool for information, entertainment and fun. With new developments and softwares, online gaming has also caught up with the people.
Earlier a basic version of the games used to be played that had simple graphics. Today there are millions of games played by millions of users. There are different categories of online games today. Some are multiplayer with the games going on after the player log’s out while some are small flash games that people play for entertainment.
Even these games gave categories. These can be racing, action, fighting, arcade, strategy, puzzles, etc. However, fighting games have become a rage online with the kids due to the excitement factor that they provide. We all have had a thought once to beat someone up badly, and these games bring out those thoughts. The amount of variety that online fighting games have is huge and one can choose between a boxing fight, street fight and just grandpa fight. Action films have also inspired some and people can play them easily.
These games do not take ages to start and do not have heavy graphics as well. However, they are very entertaining and use the best of the limited resources they have. While heavier games take longer to load, these simple fighting games are easy to play. In fact, some of these fighting games have championships and users win some prize if they win the tournament.
Online fighting games are also a great source of advertising and revenue as the number of users on these websites is very high. Hence, advertisers try to cash in on that factor and these games become a great source of revenue for the websites. Another important factor is the publicity. Corporations and film productions use online games to spread publicity about their films. Iron Man has its own game and so does The Matrix. Fans of these films continue to play these games when the film series is long gone or these games are launched before a film’s release to create a buzz. All these factors contribute a lot in making a film successful and the film producers know it.
Gaming started with arcades. Arcades were the first form of games that were played. Some of them were iconic games and are still missed by the people and the game enthusiasts. These game enthusiasts have made these iconic arcade games into online fighting games and made them available for everyone. People who enjoyed Tekken can go to any flash games website and enjoy a round of Tekken. This has made people who are a little older than the current generation get into gaming as well, because they recall the time spent playing those games.
The major problem that has become is the use of cheat codes to win games. This has spoilt the spirit of online gaming somewhat and is not appreciated amongst the gamers. Yet, it is the gamers who come out with these cheat codes. Fighting games grab your attention like no other games and people want to win them desperately. This desperation leads them to hack or cheat.
However, online fighting games also promote team spirit and engagement among friends as they work in a group to win. Friends group against a superior opponent only to see him hacked and this has led to a large community being formed amongst the gamers.
People who build games come up with new concepts and ideas for games and they put it to use. Some of them take off easily and become widely popular while some fail miserably. However, everyday there is a new variety for the people who are looking to spend some time bashing someone online because he or she cannot do it in real life. That is why fighting games work the best. They provide a sort of excitement that the other genres do not and they have a tendency to become highly engaging. In fact, a game in which an American soldier was beating up Osama Bin Laden became so popular that it came in the news as well simply because it used the negative emotions that Americans had towards that man and made it into money making venture. New games are coming out every day, with new gamers joining the community as well.

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